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Sorry for not having my complete website available in English. As I am at first striving for the German market my decision was to focus on the German pages plus have a way to get in contact with me for my English speaking fellows. Therefore you find an abstract of my offering on this page. Hopefully I can convey my thinking and get your curiosity up.


I offer three modules (find the lever, create the plan, identify the strategy) which build up on each other. You can book them individually or as a package, as you prefer. 


my Offerings

seriously professional

"Those who want to leave their mark have to go their own way!" Following my personal motto I have developed offers, to identify, shape and sustainably implement together with your team the change agenda within your organisation. 

find the lever

The beginning. In this first step we are going to identify the focus points in the areas of skills, leadership and strategy (if required or desired also health) which are most relevant for your team to enter the next level of professionalism.


This should be finalized within a week.


create the plan

The next steps. Now we need to add content to the focus points. Together with your team we create the details in order to reach the next level of professionalism.




This should take a month.


identify the strategy

The implementation. The main element of our collaboration is the right strategy for implementation. We will compile a package which lasts for the next couple of years. 




This phase should not last longer than one quarter or maximum 100 days.

My methodology

These offerings are based on my agile leadership methodology and philosophy which consists of three main elements: 

  • Skills
  • Leadership
  • Health

Each of this main elements themselves are split up into three more areas

  • Skills into methods, project knowledge and domain knowledge
  • Leadership into leading yourself, leading others and leading change processes
  • Health into motion, relaxation and nutrition

They are supported within a strategy development framework which we will use in case it is needed. 

Additionally I have also developed a systematic approach to explain the required contribution of each and every team member, the three assessment dimensions:

  • Personal fitness
  • Fitness of the organisation one is responsible for 
  • The contribution to the overall fitness of the organisation

Intention of my whole work is a sustainable approach for continuous improvement. Therefore we will engage as early as possible as many team members as available. After my engagement you should be able to fully work on your own. I am happy to come back after a year or so in order to review or further support. 

overview of the agile leadership philosophy

about me

Hi there, I am Michael Schmücker.


After 10 consciously chosen and very happy months of professional time out, I spray full of work energy. I am new to freelance consulting, but quite experienced as a coach and mentor. And exactly what I was really good at in my time as a leader, I would like to do together with you. I am convinced that continuous learning and constant professionalization not only enable successful and efficient, but also fulfilling work.

Based on my experience and knowledge, I have developed my own methodology. With this methodology I can very quickly identify the first levers that will take you and your team the furthest. And it is also suitable for developing concrete contents with you and ensuring sustainable implementation.

As a pattern breaker, I am always looking for unconventional ways and approaches. Inspired by the conviction that everyone has great potential and that it is always possible to develop further and change, I am wholeheartedly and 100% involved!


I would be happy if I can support you and your team on this journey. Therefore I am offering my hand to help!

Please get in contact with me to discuss a potential cooperation further! I will come back to you as soon as possible!

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